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Every family has unique needs. Beyond 9 offers a free, no-obligation consultation to personally assist you in choosing the service that will meet your needs and contribute to a more satisfying postpartum recovery period.
Hello! My name is Verita. I would like to welcome you to Beyond 9, Columbus Ohio’s Premiere Postpartum Nursing Care Service providing high-quality postpartum healthcare and support to mothers and babies.

After receiving my BSN from Chamberlain College of Nursing in 2011, I took a position with Columbus Public Health as a Newborn Home Visiting Nurse providing community-based outreach and care coordination services to high-risk, low-income women. In 2015, I joined Interim Heath Care providing OSU employees enrolled in the OSU Buckeye Baby Program a postpartum home visit and lactation/breastfeeding support. My role is to conduct a clinical assessment of mom and baby and address other areas of concern such as, breastfeeding, wound care after a C-section, uncontrolled hypertension in moms, “baby blues”, postpartum depression, infant feeding/weight check and provide emotional support.

Over the years I have recognized that two of the most commonly expressed concerns for new mothers are lack of sleep and fatigue. As moms begin adapting to the demands of motherhood, sleep is constantly interrupted by nighttime feeding, diapering, and repeated awakenings of the newborn. Unfortunately, overnight infant care is not a service offered through a traditional home visit. I wanted desperately to provide mothers with help in this area. I created Beyond 9 to incorporating overnight infant care along with the benefits of a newborn home visit.

Beyond 9 is determined to reach out and support as many mothers as possible during and beyond the postpartum period. Our goal is to make your postpartum recovery time as comfortable and pleasant as possible, so that you may have a better experience bonding with your baby. Beyond 9 is here to give you the care and support you need, in the comfort of your own home.


Our mission is to provide high-quality healthcare and support to moms and babies during and beyond the postpartum period.


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