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Every family has unique needs. Beyond 9 offers a free, no-obligation consultation to personally assist you in choosing the service that will meet your needs and contribute to a more satisfying postpartum recovery period.
Lactation Consultant?????
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Newborn Home Visiting$150.00
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Newborn Home Visiting hours are between 9am-3pm., and lasts 1-2 hours The visit consist of an assessment,  evaluation and planning of mom and baby’s needs performed by a Registered Nurse (RN). The duties performed during this time would be all those listed under Newborn Services.
Overnight Infant Care$300.00
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Overnight Care starts at 9pm or 10pm and ends at 6am or 7am (8 hours total). Our first priority during the evening and night hours is to care for and meet the needs of baby so mom and dad can get some sleep. We will bring baby to mom and assist with breastfeeding or pumping, prepare and feed baby formula or breast milk by bottle, change babies diapers, clean and sterilize baby bottles and do mom and baby laundry.
We have put together some packages to give you and idea of how to take advantage of our service to better meet your needs. You may need more help during the day, or maybe just at night, or you may find you need all the help you can get! We are here to help you when you need, for as long as you need.
Welcome HomeCall For Price
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Four 2 or 4-hour days (8-16 hours total) over a period of 2 weeks. You will learn the basics of caring for you infant such as soothing techniques, breastfeeding support and instruction, newborn and mother care.
Helping HandsCall For Price
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Eight 2 or 4 hour evenings (16-32 hours total) over a period of 2 to 4 weeks between the hours of 5pm-9pm. This package provides you with 8 visits from the nurse to help you with grocery shopping, light housekeeping, baby laundry, and meal preparation. This package is especially helpful if you have older children who may need some extra attention in the evening as you juggle meal preparation and infant care.
Mommy and MeCall For Price
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Eight 2 or 4-hour days (16-32 hours total) over a period of 2 or 4 weeks. This package is designed to provide continued support and care for mother and infant as you learn about what to expect in the coming weeks of your baby’s development.
Above and BeyondCall For Price
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Eight 2 or 4-hour days plus one 8-hour overnight care over a period of 2 to 4 weeks (24-40 hours total). Enjoy all the benefits of “Mommy and Me” plus one overnight stay to assist you as you adjust breastfeeding during the night. This package allows for both mom and dad to get some much needed sleep.
Precious MomentsCall For Price
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Three days a week for 4 consecutive weeks, 2 or 4-hour shifts (24-48 hours total). This is a great package for second or third time mom’s. It allows you to spend quality time with your other child or children without interruption of care and support to you.
Sweet DreamsCall For Price
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Three nights a week for 4 consecutive weeks, 8-hour shifts (96 hours total). The ultimate “dream come true” experience. This package allows for a pleasant night time breastfeeding experience or allows you and your partner to sleep through the night while the nurse takes over bottle-feeding night duty. The rest and sleep recuperated at night during these first few weeks helps you function more efficiently during the day and reduces the incidence of postpartum depression for both mom and dad.
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