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Check to see if your lactation visit may be covered by insurance by visiting the Lactation Network's website.
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Every family has unique needs. Beyond 9 offers a free, no-obligation consultation to personally assist you in choosing the service that will meet your needs and contribute to a more satisfying postpartum recovery period.
In Home Lactation Consultation$250.00
Breastfeeding is a natural, amazing way to nourish your baby. However, sometimes you may experience a few challenges along the way. I am here to provide comfort and support during those trying times and help you build your breastfeeding skills and confidence. During the lactation consultation, I will conduct a detailed medical and birth history and assessment on both you and baby. The session includes a pre and post feed weight check to assess the amount of milk baby is transferring at the breast. The consultation lasts 1-2 hours and includes a detailed plan to help you meet your breastfeeding goals. Not sure if you need to call a lactation consultant? If you or baby are experiencing any of the following, please do not hesitate to reach out.
When to call a Lactation Consultant
If Baby
  • is jaundiced
  • refuses to latch-on
  • is not gaining weight quickly (1/2 – 1 oz per day)
  • cries a lot and is fussy at the breast
  • feeds “all of the time” is premature or a “late preterm” baby
  • is spitting up “a lot”
If Mom
  • has flat or inverted, sore, cracked or bleeding nipples
  • is engorged
  •  has a low milk supply
  •  previous breast surgeries
  •  is returning to work
  •  experience mastitis (breast infection) or plugged ducts
  •  is experiencing stress around feedings
  •  needs advice about selecting an appropriate breast pump
  •  is receiving conflicting advice about or is becoming discouraged with breastfeed
Newborn Home Visiting$150.00
During the newborn home visit, I will complete a clinical assessment on you and your baby. I will follow up on any potential medical issues identified at discharge as well as address the concerns below. The visit takes about 45 minutes to an hour and a half (1.5hrs).
Follow Up Visit - $75
What to expect during the visit
  • Assessment of mom and baby (vital signs)
  • Assess baby’s weight, umbilical cord, circumcision, development, and general health
  • C-Section incision assessment and care
  • Assessment of baby’s jaundice
  • Visit weight will count for baby’s 2-week weight check (if within 1-3 days of appointment)
  • Breastfeeding and bottle-feeding guidance, support, and education
  • Swaddling, skin to skin, and sleep techniques
  • Support during reflux/colic/fussiness and other challenges
  • Understanding baby cues
  • Information on what to expect during the first few weeks for mom and baby
  • Emotional support for adjustment to new parenting
  • Cloth diapering alternative (education and training)
Overnight Infant Care$35.00 per hour
Overnight Care starts at 9pm to 5am or 10pm to 6am. Our first priority during the evening and night hours is to care for and meet the needs of baby so mom and dad can get some sleep. We will bring baby to mom and assist with breastfeeding or pumping, prepare and feed baby formula or breast milk by bottle, change babies diapers, clean and sterilize baby bottles and do mom and baby laundry.
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Newborn Home Visiting

Overnight Infant Care
9pm-5am or 10pm-6am
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