Preemies and Multiples

The extra needs of a baby arriving before his or her due date, or coming home with twins or triplets, can be very overwhelming and freighting to say the least. These extra needs call for extra help!  Many parents struggle because once these babies come home all the training in the world could not have prepared them to handle every little detail during the days and nights as their little ones struggle to mature. The secret to happy health babies and peace of mind for mom and dad is help and support.  Our nursing staff and newborn care specialist have special training on how to care for preemies and multiples. The nurses at Beyond 9 will provide the same care for your preemie or multiples detailed under Newborn Services. Another area of concern is with the lack of sleep parents of preemies and multiples experience. Needless to say, overnight care can be the answer to your prayers.

Some of the benefits our nursing staff and overnight care specialist provide include:

  • assistance with pumping techniques
  • information and assistance with increasing milk supply for greater breastfeeding success
  • getting babies on flexible efficient schedules
  • support with effective pumping and simultaneous feeding
  • teaching skin to skin and baby wearing
  • education about developmental issue and expectations
  • emotional support
  • reduction in the occurrence or severity of postpartum depression
  • community support and resources for families with preemies and multiples

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Newborn Home Visiting

Overnight Infant Care
9pm-5am or 10pm-6am
Providing high-quality postpartum care and support in the comfort of your own home.